Labeling Systems Assistant

Position Overview

This position will assist in the tasks related to AFC’s sushi labeling system, commonly known as the label machine.  Responsibilities include providing over the phone troubleshooting and technical support to sushi bar franchisees and/or their hired chefs and AFC field personnel, processing of requests for replacement equipment and/or parts, recordkeeping of label machine service warranty activation, renewals, and current status.

Job Responsibilities

    • Answer phone calls from franchisees/chefs and AFC field personnel regarding the label machine.
    • Over-the-phone trouble shooting and technical support of label machine.
    • Submit requests for equipment replacement (printer /tablet/Bluetooth) to the warranty servicing company.
    • Handle requests for parts replacement and process shipment (cables / power supply).
    • Update label machine service warranty files.
    • Input franchisee information for tablet system program.
    • Assist in inventory control and ordering of spare parts—scanner cable, scanner power supply, printer power supply.
    • Assist in processing invoices related to the label machine.
    • Other additional tasks and projects as assigned


    • High school or equivalent, a 2-year college degree preferred
    • Minimum of 1 year customer service experience
    • MS Office and database software
    • Strong both verbal and written communication skills
    • Bilingual (Burmese) required
    • Able to work in a fast-paced environment
    • Attention to details
    • Weekend availability, preferred