Assistant Division Manager

Position Overview

Assigned to a specifically develop, coordinate, and oversee the Regional Managers (“RMs”) in a designated geographical territory (“Division”), the Assistant Division Manager will be working closely with Regional Managers and providing the day-to-day oversight, guidance, and compliance efforts necessary to protect AFC brands’ integrity and expand AFC’s business and profitability in the Division. This role will also work with headquarters’ staff to accomplish daily task and will report to the General Manager or Deputy General Manager.

Key Responsibilities & Duties

    • Provide guidance to RMs on business operations, procedures, and strategies, as well as their interactions with franchisees (“FCs”), to drive sales and profit of all concepts at all accounts in the division.
    • Monitor day-to-day operation of RMs and other field personnel in the division to ensure AFC’s standard product quality and food safety policies are properly implemented and provide retraining to them when necessary.
    • Oversee scheduling for all field support staff and trainers. Ensure RMs are properly situated with resources for any opening locations; including the training needs of FCs.
    • Working in conjunction with the Sales & Marketing Department in developing strong relationship with clients and responding to their needs; especially the client’s division or regional levels. Ensure all relevant market area information, internal and/or external (e.g., competitor’s information) is reported to HQ in a timely manner.
    • Secure and improve profitability of the overall business operation of AFC in the division, through controlling the number of AFC management locations, providing appropriate sales forecast in store-opening and promoting appropriate commission rate, while controlling operating expenses.
    • Work closely with R&D Department on new concepts and ideas and the execution of any new programs, new item launches, and new policies/procedures.
    • Research market trends and competitors’ trends in Division and support R&D initiatives.
    • Communicate closely with Regional Managers on all aspects of operations and ensure timely reporting of divisional information (e.g., sales, inventory, pricing, promotion results, training results) upstream to HQ is completed accurately and promptly.
    • Uphold all company’s policies and procedures as part of upper management.
    • Duties included but not limited to as described above.

Qualifications & Skills

    • Minimum 6 – 8 years’ experience managing/supervising staff in a multi- unit environment
    • Must have a successful track record of previous experience as an AFC Regional Manager, Restaurant General Management, or Executive Chef
    • Be able to multitask and make pertinent decisions based upon established company policy and procedure
    • Must be able to travel out of state for extended periods of time
    • Must possess strong leadership ability
    • Must be a team player
    • Must have good communication skills, oral and written

Physical Demands

    • Prolonged periods standing and walking up to 8 hours or more.
    • Frequent bending, lifting, pushing, pulling of products, material, etc.
    • Must be able to lift to 50 pounds at times.